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Talk radio is a two way street and 680 WPTF always invites your input and participation in our programming.   Here are a few tips when you call in. Your call will be screened by the show producer...they will ask for your first name, where you are calling from and your age, then they will ask you what you are calling about.  The producer will then put you on HOLD.  Due to time restrictions, not all calls on a topic will make it on the air.  Make sure you turn your radio down because there is a 7 second delay between what happens in the studio and what you hear on your radio.  When it's your turn to go on the air, you will hear a BEEP and the host will say your name...jump right in and make your point!


Here is a list of telephone numbers of programs WPTF airs:


Bill LuMaye:   919-860-WPTF (9783)

Tom Kearney:  919-860-WPTF (9783)

Making Your Home Great : 919-860-WPTF (9783)

Weekend Gardener: 919-860-WPTF

Triangle Trader: 919-860-WPTF (9783)

Money Matters: 919-860-WPTF (9783)


* - Some shows may be tape delayed.  Please check the hosts website for information on when the show takes live calls.


Other important numbers you may want to use:


WPTF Newsroom: 919-878-1724

WPTF Fax:  919-882-1746

WPTF Business Office: 919-790-9392

Triangle Trafffic Network:  919-790-9942


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