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Your cool season grass will look better this month than any other if it is healthy. Raise mower blade to 3 1/2 inches until fall. Plant warm season grasses like bermuda, zoysia and centipede this month. Prepare the soil properly by tilling and adding organic matter. Water newly planted sod and seeds. Make sure established lawns and other plants have at least an inch of water a week. Wait a few weeks to fertilize a warm season lawn. Donít fertilize a cool season lawn again until September. Take care of broadleaf weeds with 2-4-D, and grassy weeds with a grass killer. Roundup will take care of everything actively growing including things like ivy. Feed and prune azaleas after they bloom but donít over feed. Itís a good time to plant azaleas and other spring flower shrubs and trees since you can make sure youíre getting the right color while they are blooming this month. Other shrubs and trees can get a dose of slow release fertilizer this month but make sure they need it. Prune other spring flowering shrubs after the flowers fade. Watch out for insects on shrubs and trees. Leaf spot disease may also start to be a problem this month on some shrubs. Your trees and shrubs need at least an inch of water a week to stay healthy. This is especially true of newly planted trees and shrubs. But please follow watering guidelines from your local municipalities. We usually have fairly dry summers in our area and water restrictions are not unusual.

Many of your houseplants can be moved outside late in the month.

Begin your disease- insect spraying schedule this month for roses. Prune climbing roses when they finish blooming. Continue fertilizing established roses. Water your roses, but only at the base which hopefully has a couple of inches of good mulch.

You can plant vegetables like tomatoes cucumbers, squash and corn and some of your favorite herbs late this month. The last average frost for the area is around April 15th. Pull weeds and hand pick insects when possible in the vegetable garden. The cooperative extension service in your county will have great literature on vegetable garden and every other aspect of home gardening online or through the local centers.

Some of your summer flowering bulbs like caladiums and dahlias can be planted late in the month of April.


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