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Weíre starting to see hotter days and evaporation rates are high so watch the moisture levels in the landscape. Newly planted shrubs and trees are especially vulnerable to moisture loss. Donít over water. Add mulch as needed to help preserve moisture in the soil around trees and shrubs. Prune shrubs that produce blooms in the spring but not berry producing varieties.

If youíre a vegetable grower you know itís a good time to plant some more squash, corn and beans. Watch for diseases on tomatoes like blossom end rot on tomatoes. This can be controlled through the use of calcium chloride products or adding lime to the garden plot during preparation of the soil.

The cool-season grasses like fescue and blue grass should be allowed to go dormant. Warm season grasses need the same amount of water for the most part. They just seem to adapt to the season better than the cool season varieties. These varieties need an inch of water a week to say green. But you may choose to let them brown during a drought. If the grass has a good root system it should survive and green up when it does get some moisture. Continue to cut them high and donít fertilize! You may plant a warm season lawn this month. Fertilize zoysia and Bermuda in June with a slow release fertilizer. You will probably need another dose of pre-emergent herbicide this month to prevent crabgrass. Check your Cooperative Extension Service brochure for more details.

As soon as the foliage dies out you can divide spring flowering bulbs. Irises can be planted now. Summer flowering bulbs can be fertilized if you didnít do it in May. Water and deadhead perennials and annuals as needed. Control mites and other insects on flowers, and shrubs. Japanese beetles are going to be a problem in you can control them by spraying them directly with liquid Sevin.

Roses should be looking good now if you are watering properly and keeping up you spray program. You need to be deadheading roses too. Heat and humidity are the enemy of roses, so check and make sure they have enough mulch.


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