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You can still fertilize the cool season lawn this month if you didnít do it in September. October may still work well for those of you who havenít yet reseeded your lawn with fescue and blue grass. Make sure the seed makes good contact with the soil. Lime can be distributed, but a soil test is a still a good assignment for folks who are serious about lawn planting. Keep the falling leaves off your new lawn.

Shrubs and Trees can be planted this month. Buy named varieties from our great nurseries in the area. Dig a hole that is about a foot wider than the root ball and a few inches deeper. Mix in some organic matter, break up the soil well and loosen up the root ball so the roots can stretch out. Keep the plant watered, but donít over water.

October is a great time to buy spring flowering bulbs. Buy the largest and firmest you can find and store them in a cool place until November. Add mulch to the perennial beds and do not fertilize.

Prepare your vegetable garden plot for next year by adding lime and maybe growing what farmers call a cover crop.

October is a time when we bring in the last of our houseplants that have spent the summer out of doors. Check for insects and find a good spot for them to spend the winter.

Roses should be deadheaded and you should continue your spray program. Their roots still need some water each week. Keep the rose bed clean.


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